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My name is Kim Adams, and I'm known as "WhitePineLane" most places online.  I'm a blogger, a content writer, a Squidoo lensmaster and an eBay seller.  I've just recently left my position as Social Media Coordinator for a multi-channel retailer and gone back to the best job I ever had: stay-at-home mom!  I have the two best kids ever (one tween and one teen), and I've been married to my best friend for 24 years. 

I had always been somewhat interested in genealogy, but that interest really blossomed a couple years ago when my family gave me the genealogy program Reunion for Mac for my birthday.  At that same time I joined Ancestry.com, and my new passion exploded!  

When that passion for finding my ancestors combined with my existing fascination for cemeteries, "graveyard hopping" became a regular hobby of mine.  (I thought the term was especially fitting for a blog belonging to the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, and that's how this blog was named!) 

My two best graveyard-hopping buddies are my mom Marilyn and my daughter Lauren, who often go along on these little jaunts with me - enthusiastically, for the most part!  I do a lot of genealogy work with my husband's Aunt Phooey, and when I told her one day that I had been out graveyard hopping with my mom, she showed me some notes that she and her mom had made one day while visiting cemeteries and said, "I wish my mom were still here to go graveyard hopping with me."  I know what she means.  I am incredibly lucky have these two, and I never forget it for a minute!  <3 <3 

Left:  Lauren trying to read the tombstone of Oliver Mann, the younger brother of Lauren's great, great, great grandmother.  Woodside Cemetery, Shorewood, Hennepin, Minnesota

Left:  Marilyn admiring the family stone of her great grandparents, Edwin and Ann Mann Aldritt.  Woodside Cemetery, Shorewood, Hennepin, Minnesota

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