Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Creepy Images for Halloween

Death Makes Its Mark
(Otherwise titled: Main Reason Not to Have Your Image Put on Your Tombstone!)
The Floating Head of Maynard
(otherwise titled: My Mom Goofing Around Behind Her Grandparents' Tombstone, with Body PhotoShopped Out!)

Happy Halloween, everybody! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo Friday: Our Darling Dora

Sad and sweet on a beautiful fall morning:
Dec. 16, 1890.
1 Y'r. 11 M's. 9 D's.
She was but as a smile
Which glistens in a tear
Seen but a little while
but oh, how loved, how dear.
Union Cemetery, Long Lake, Hennepin, Minnesota.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Essential Items for a Graveyard Hopping Kit

I love graveyard hopping, but I am by no means a pro.  My daughter and I often come across situations where we wish we had some sort of tool to make our tombstone searching easier.  This stone at right, for instance, had been completely covered over with grass and weeds.  This picture was taken after several minutes of two of us tugging and ripping at the weeds with our hands - and we still didn't get the entire stone uncovered!

We've thought of making up some kind of kit that we leave in the car, so we'll have the tools we might need when we're at a cemetery.  Here are a few of the items we think would come in handy.  We'd love to know what kind of things you bring to the cemetery, and why you bring them!  We're considering:
  • a canvas tool bag to keep everything in
  • grass clippers (probably just hand clippers - not electric)
  • a camera (we always bring that anyway)
  • extra batteries for the camera
  • a kneeling pad
  • a notebook
  • pens or pencils (more than one)
  • an edging tool (I'm questioning this one - I'm not sure how it would look if you were "digging" around with an edging tool.  Would people object?) 
  • In certain circumstances we could've used a loppers - but again, I don't know if it's acceptable to take one into a graveyard and start lopping away at the brush to get to the tombstones!
  • a spray bottle of water
  • a sponge or a very soft brush
Have you ever had someone question what you're doing as you're cleaning off headstones?
I'd love to hear some of your ideas for a graveyard-hopping tool kit ideas.  What do you bring with you to a cemetery?  What other things have you found you've needed?  Do you keep a kit in the car?  What tools should a graveyard rabbit have?

(Here are a couple where a loppers would've come in handy....)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Friday: Oak Hill Cemetery in the Morning

Oak Hill Cemetery is a beautiful old cemetery on a very steep, round hill.   It's found tucked away (now between busy roads) just off the shore of Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior, Hennepin, Minnesota.  The cemetery "road", lined with rocks and barely wide enough for one car, spirals up and up around the hill.  Gravity has performed its duty on this steep incline to ensure that hardly any of the stones are straight anymore, making it very picturesque. Happy Photo Friday!
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